The Sound, 2018
A World Premiere by Beth Hyland

Photo by Montana Bruns

“Willingham gets supremely unguarded performances out of her top-notch young cast…Red Bowl is humble Chicago theater at its finest.” – Chicago Reader

“In Rebecca Willingham [Hyland] has a director and collaborator who intuitively understands the needs of her work and insures that the production’s heart and brain stay in constant conversation…[The Sound] are on an inspired roll.” – NewCity Stage

“Willingham’s intimate staging is a heartfelt and poignant exploration of friendship, art, and the shifting definitions of success…Under Willingham’s direction, the storytelling remains crystal clear, even as characters talk over each other. Her focused approach to the narrative makes this character-driven comedy sing, allowing for comprehension without sacrificing the pace of the piece. Additionally, Willingham manages to creatively utilize a variety of areas in The Frontier often left unembraced, smartly activating all the real estate the tiny storefront has to offer.” – Picture This Post

“Aided by some nice direction by Rebecca Willingham, who uses the limited space at the Frontier beautifully and extracts very strong performances from each of her cast members.” – Chicago On Stage



The Sound, 2016
A World Premiere by Beth Hyland

Photo by Cole Simon

“3.5 stars … Rebecca Willingham guides the talented ensemble with a strong, steady hand…it’s as entertaining as [it] can possibly be, with an ending that’s still haunting me days later. See it.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“For Annie,” the engrossing new play by Beth Hyland under Rebecca Willingham’s direction, currently receiving its all-too-short world premiere run with the Sound, takes the sadly well-weathered textbook of domestic abuse and translates it it into the poetry of everyday life.” – Newcity Stage



Tympanic Theatre Company, 2016
By Walt McGough



The Sound/Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, 2015
A World Premiere by Beth Hyland

Photo by Gregory Culley

“Seagulls is a sharp jab to the heart…I certainly hope some enterprising company targeting a young audience is wise enough to pick it up.” – Chicago Critic


Today We Escape: Wavelength

Tympanic Theatre Company, 2015
A World Premiere by Scott Barsotti


“Rebecca Willingham’s staging is simple and effectively creates a tension that makes it clear that the playwright specializes in the horror genre.” – NewCity Stage